Sunday, April 20, 2014


This post has been in my draft since over a months ago & I finally have time to complete this. So here I'm gonna blog about FOOD &DRINKS! I'm not only attracted to coffee and also ambience of the coffee shop; Artisan Roast HQ. If you're looking for a good place for a cup of coffee, look no further but here! Overall the ambiance of the cafe is cozy, but I feel lil disappointed causing of air-cond is whirring quietly but still not chilled at all!

Caryn offered to fetch us there. We literally went WHEE lololol. It feels so great to be with them because we have endless gossips to chatter over even we were not meeting up after a long while! This is not going to be a long blog post! So just enjoy the photos! Date of the day. HAHAHA! 

English breakfast tea, allowed to refill without extra charges!

A cup of hot latte with a simple and nice coffee art.

Cheese cake, highly recommended by the staffs over there!

Five of us :3

More selcaaa!!

After tea time went to had our early dinner at Murni, SS2. So this is my second time there, and I couldn't help but fell in deep love with Murni already because of their scrumptious foods and drinks served with reasonable price! Thumbs up!

Maggi tomyam soup! Slurpppp!

Hawaiian roti canai!

Chilli bawang telur roti canai,
which I'm never seen before at any Mamak.

Fresh juice with this huge size is not more than Rm5 WOW

Thanks love for all the treat!

Anyway, a very nice weekend with them


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

So, it’s valentine. ♥

So first thing first, Happy Valentine's Day to all!!! Mwarks to all of you and I wish y'll have a lovely time with your loved ones! So, it’s valentine. Both of us first Valentine day and being together for 5 months. (:

on Valentines, baby came picked me up, and headed out for our valentines dinner. i was a lil worried, as i never like to dine in an overly crowded place or eat surrounded by a noisy environment. but it’s valentines, everywhere will be crowded ugh. so not gonna be romantic, i thought. reached around 8-ish. baby brought me to Hometown Steamboat, which located at Pandan Indah. Opposite of my office.

When it comes to heart, simple yet sweet celebration like this is good enough to melt my heart. Thanks God it was all good.thanks baby, i you.

anyhoo, pressie for the boyfriend. What’s from him? knowing the key of my heart,
and out of my expectation, the boyfriend got me a handmade card, baby pink pouch and nature republic aloe vera soothing gel. *bigwidesmile* I love you as much, i cannot love, if it wasn't YOU.

handmade card, baby pink pouch and nature republic aloe vera soothing gel. *bigwidesmile*
handmade card, baby pink pouch and nature republic aloe vera soothing gel. *bigwidesmile*
handmade card, baby pink pouch and nature republic aloe vera soothing gel. *bigwidesmile*
handmade card, baby pink pouch and nature republic aloe vera soothing gel. *bigwidesmile*

Had a pretty satisfying meal with silly boyfy and we did chitchat a lot.
Just, you and me. our lips lock in a kiss. it’s sweet bliss. I love you, my love!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here comes my busy life.

Hellloooooooo! So I've been working at interior design firm for more than 3 week, so far so good and I'm quite stressful with my job lol hahaha. Besides sitting there playing my phone most of the time, I ACTUALLY helped to draw plan. Ok so besides helping for plan drawing, I also like to texting with boyfriend during my leisure time. No choice la I have nothing else to do :p

My goodness. Here comes my busy life. Bad news is I don't think I can blog daily like how I used to be but I will blog as long as I have free time. & sorry for late updating my cny posts which sort into one only!

DAY 1,
Went to Genting Highlands liked previous years, I would say I hate it when they planned to go there every years during Chinese New Year. I'm the persons who's rejected to go there again and again. But of course everytime is appeal fails, children do not have the right to choose :(

DAY 2,
After I bathed, I quickly dressed up myself in new clothes. While relatives is chit-chat at my place, so i persuaded my cousin sis to do a mini photo-shooting for me heh! On afternoon, heading to Malacca A'Famosa for second day of Chinese New Year, who's there? :D , all of us feel so tiring causing the journey is much longer than usual, what i should blame? TRAFFIC CONGESTION WTF! We couldn't decide what to eat at night! Every restaurant was packed. So end up we had our dinner at Chinese restaurant.

After dinner brother and i went to Cowboy Town to watching Red Indian Show and Animal Musical Parade Show at 8.30pm to 11.00pm. Hmm, damn so crowded inside but i don't think it's fun and worth to go LOL

DAY 3,
What I expected much in this trip, yupe swimming time. The weather is freaking dilemma, can't bear it anymore should go to swimming to chilled up myself in a bit :p It does but the facilities is too little, not so much facilities could play to. Quickly go to bath right after swim, and heading to the next destination- Malacca. Visit Jonker Street to have foods hunting, and tried the famous snacks at Malacca; capitol satay woohoo i love foods! Full burppppp*

DAY 4,
In Malacca, the hot weather is killing me urgh! :( Family movie day after breakfast, bro booked movie tickets ( Hello Babies ) for us at this morning! Luckily we book in advance. Or else we have to make a beeline in front of the cinema counter today to purchase the tickets. It was my very first time entered cinema together with family and relatives :p Nadeje cake is a must try in Malacca, i always selected original flavour, causing the best among of all i used to think is original mille crepe cake! It's time to leaving to Johore, mummy hometown . On night, had steamboat as dinner in the house. House-warming! :D Has nothing else to updating in day five, so then i skipped it :p

DAY 6,
Back to KL last night. House visiting on night by today! What we'll usually do in Chinese New Year? Yesh peoples gambling lo of course. Oh first gambling in this Chinese New Year, not bad la at least didn't loss costs LOL. Skipped day seven too, causing I'm just stay at home day and night.

Day 8,
It's been a while that I wasn't meet up my girls, so then I had brunch with my girls at TOURS les JOURS. Heading to silly boyfriend hometown at night, celebrating the 9th day of CNY with boyfriend family! It known as Worshiping the Celestial God! Loud cracking sounds can be heard everywhere tonight. The night was really boisterous! Fireworks are played everywhere and there as loud as gunshots! this year is special as I can watch the fireworks played! I got opportunity to witness the enormous and awesome fireworks played. Goodnight! x.x

Day 9,
Happy 5th monthsary, my love! Woke up and preparing myself, after that hanging out! & boyfriend to be my personal driver of the day, we enjoyed the day to the fullest before holiday end! Had shaved ice to chilled ourselves. Guess now, I'm satisfied. Intend to watch movie, but too bad all fully booked WTF! So he just drove me all the way to visiting attractions in Teluk Intan. It was a simple celebration but I feel grateful because of I could celebrate with him. I love you heaps, my boyfriend! :3

That's all, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surprised, successful.

Yes. it was 20/01/14, boyfriend’s official birthday.

Hinted him I will not get him any gifts causing of lack of money recently. & meet up right after he work dismissed, but actually I wanted to surprise him on his birthday. Please forgive that I talking too much lies this days and just want to make sure the surprise will goes well and yeay it does! :p

Early morning, wandered around at MidValley alone..Waited until his lunch time suddenly popped out in front of him, yes he shocked yet surprised! He is smiling at me and hugged me like a fool. :p Lunch together, and he is back to work as usual at 2pm!

Next, went to Starbucks. Chilled, and catch up with my long lost coffee. #dailycoffee #caramelmachiatto Time flies, after three and half hours finally he work dismissed. Opted at Alexis,The Gardens to celebrate his 20st birthday!

Happy birthday, my love!

I always persuaded him to do this expression! :p

P.S. overall it's taste good,
but I forgotten what's the name of this dish is.

Not really satisfied with this sandwich but except for the curly fries! :p

I can feel the soft heavenly texture of Pavlova cake melting in my mouth.
Taste heavenly! :D

Wao sexyyyyy! *self-slap*

Guess both of us are satisfied with the meal, & it’s a happy birthday dinner! thank you my love for the great dinner. 

Birthday present…..
He is that kind of person who would rather spend money on me than using it on himself. So, i thought i should get him something more practical. & so, i bought him a belts as his old one is turning break very soon. Hoping he'll like the birthday gifts that i gave to.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

KyoChon x OneUtama

If you're an elf, I bet you guys are not going to missed out the opportunity to paid a visit, right? :D
I swear KyoChon is a fried chicken paradise!

There are a lot of series of fried chicken which making me mouth-watering! I wanted to try out their fried chicken at long time ago so yeah I was excited once I knowing boyfy intend to brought me there.

Say hi to Siwon! :p

Great time with KyoChon!

& of course Super Junior!
Tried out 3 series of KyoChon fried chicken; red series, honey series and salsal series, overall it's taste good!

Green tea and corn tea.

Salsal series,
the chicken is juicy and perfectly dip with the sauces.

Red series,
it is best for spicy lover like me :p

Honey series,
I never thought honey can be match very perfectly with chicken.

Where's my chicken? :p

Not only that, instantly take-away a box of honey series fried chicken, so I could get a KyoChon meal box and plastic bag. Such a greedy cat he said :p Tried out 3 series of KyoChon fried chicken; red series, honey series and salsal series, overall it's taste good!

Finally I have an opportunity to take pic with
Kyuhyun and Kangin autograph! =)

Bet you guys would not regret to have more! :D